Fruit, vegetables, pulses, herbs, spices, nuts and grains.

The body has a natural ability to remove toxins out of your body to strengthen your immune system — the better your detoxification system works and the less toxins that enter your body, the better your overall health!

The term “toxin” includes internal and external toxins — internal waste like excess hormones and metabolic waste; external toxins like pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and processed foods — negatively affect your health. Your body has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs — as long as they are healthy! 

Taking care of your body on a regular basis is important. VEBA Resource Center’s Holistic Practitioner, Dr. Ioanna Vouloumanou, shares 10 ways you can improve your detox pathways and improve your overall health:

  1. Limit Alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol reduces your liver’s ability to carry out its normal functions, such as detoxifying.
  2. Focus on Sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is important. Aim for 7-8 hours a night. Adequate sleep allows your brain to reorganize, recharge and eliminate toxins that accumulate throughout the day — yes, even thinking can produce metabolic waste.
  3. Drink More Water. Flush out toxins by upping your water game. In addition to its many roles in your body, water allows your body’s detoxification system to remove waste products from your blood. Water does so much more than quench your thirst. It regulates your body temperature, lubricates joints, aids digestion and nutrient absorption and detoxifies your body by removing waste products. I suggest that men drink 125 ounces and females 90 ounces a day.
  4. Reduce Your Intake of Sugar and Processed Foods. Excess junk food consumption is linked to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. These conditions can cause harm to organs important to detoxifying, such as your liver and kidneys.
  5. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods. Ever heard, “You are what you eat.”? It’s true! Fuel your body with antioxidant-rich food loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium to reach optimum health. Foods including berries, fruits, nuts, cocoa, vegetables, spices and beverages like one cup of coffee a day (or green tea) have some of the highest amounts of antioxidants. I love maccha tea with almond milk!
  6. Eat Foods High in Prebiotics. Keep your immune and detoxification systems healthy with food sources rich in prebiotics. Foods like tomatoes, artichokes, bananas, asparagus, onions, garlic,and oats will keep your digestive system healthy, which is important for proper detoxification and immune health.
  7. Decrease Your Salt Intake. Consuming too much salt can increase water retention and promote toxin accumulation. You want to avoid it! You can eliminate excess water — and waste — by increasing your intake of water and potassium-rich foods. Foods rich in potassium include potatoes, squash, kidney beans, bananas and spinach.
  8. Get Active. Regular physical activity lowers inflammation and allows your body’s detoxification system to work properly and help your lymphatic system to get rid of everything it doesn’t need.
  9. Reduce Toxins in Your Home and Body. By switching to natural cleaning products like baking soda over commercial cleaning agents, you can reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.
  10. Choose Natural Body Care. Even what you don’t eat has an effect  on your body. Using natural deodorants, makeups, moisturizers, shampoos and other personal care products can also reduce your exposure to chemicals.

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