The VEBA Resource Center (or VRC for short) is a holistic health center dedicated to help VEBA members become the best versions of themselves. The goal of the VRC is to provide a safe, comfortable space where VEBA members can access the care they need, when and how they need it. We provide a wide range of classes, programs and services all tailored to a member’s unique situation. At the VRC, you have a partner in well-being. We work closely with our members to ensure they have access to what they need to live a healthy and balanced life!

The VEBA Resource Center now has 2 locations in San Diego! Visit our contact page for more info on locations and hours.

VEBA Services

A diverse team of professionals supports VEBA Members in developing personalized plans so they can live healthy lives. 

As part of a comprehensive program to improve physical and mental health, the VEBA Resource Center (VRC) provides Members with access to on-site services such as acupuncture, meditation sessions and group counseling.

The VRC meets Members where they are in their journey to healthy living through custom-tailored fitness programs. Health coaches work with Members to develop personalized programs and maintain healthy habits.

A healthy diet is key to good physical and mental health. The VRC offers nutrition counseling and cooking classes tailored to the individual’s needs. Members also receive support in overcoming their barriers for accessing healthy, affordable food.

The VRC recognizes that mental health conditions may impact many individuals in our community, as well as their families and loved ones. We provide support to VEBA Members through access to a variety of customized programs that can put individuals on a path to healing and recovery. Additional resources can be found here.

Fitness Center

At the VRC – Kearny Mesa, we have a robust fitness center completely FREE to VEBA Members! Come get a great workout in our open gym with state-of-the-art cardio machines, free weights, a new recovery room, locker rooms, and showers!


Care Navigation

Meet with a Care Navigator either virtually or at the VRC – Kearny Mesa to create a tailored health plan based on your unique story, values and experiences. Care Navigation includes:

• An integrated health and well-being assessment
• Guidance to find appropriate resources
• Motivation support and encouragement to help overcome obstacles
• Follow-up appointments (phone, virtual or in-person) to monitor your progress

Care Navigator speaking with member in a private session

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Frequently Asked Questions