The VEBA Resource Center (VRC) exists to provide complete care, to help manage your well-being through a wide range of programs and services focusing on a holistic and tailored approach.


All Californians have accessible and equitable health care.


To be the California public sector’s preferred provider of innovative health care resources that are effective, affordable, and of the highest quality and value.

Our Values

  • We believe that health is universal: We are committed to breaking down barriers of achieving optimal health, because everyone deserves access to quality care.
  • We value people and promote equity, always: We are in the business of people and embrace unique perspectives, backgrounds, and situations.
  • Our members are the purpose behind everything we do: As a non-profit trust, we do the right thing, for the right reason, every single time.
  • We believe there is a better way: We work tirelessly to build an integrated health care system that delivers on each individual’s personalized needs at an affordable cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions