Overweight barefoot young female in sportswear sitting on yoga mat with eyes closed, meditating, having peaceful look, hoding hands in namaste gesture.

The VEBA Resource Center (VRC) appreciates yoga as a lifestyle that promotes a holistic wellness and healing, for mind, body, and soul. We know how effective and nourishing a yoga practice can be, and offer a variety of yoga classes each week. VRC Well-Being Coach and certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Pilar Murillo, explains how yoga helps and heals.

“We live in such a fast-paced society that we often lose connection to ourselves and each other. Yoga helps us stop. Pay attention. Breathe. Get in touch with our feelings and calm our thoughts. We can’t really be there for others if we aren’t taking care of ourselves.”

In fact, the word ‘yoga,’ from Sanskrit, means ‘to join, to yoke, or unite,’ as in the union of body and mind – and connection to one another. Pilar practices and teaches various forms of yoga but her favorite is Yin Yoga — a slower, more deliberate practice that concentrates on ligaments and joints along with muscles. The most attractive aspect for Pilar is the melding of science with mind, body, and spirit.

“This style of yoga gives the practitioner the time and space to connect with themselves, explore what they’re feeling and how they’re breathing. And when you take this extra time to connect with your body, your mind follows.”

Pilar knows how intimidating the world of nutrition, exercise, and wellness can be — especially when you’re starting a new program. She is passionate about helping VEBA Members navigate their unique path.

“Each client has a different journey and I’m a guide, helping to find the right class that will act as an entry point for them. There are many ways to get into yoga (and better health). Some start with mindfulness classes; others begin with breathing groups; and some jump right into yoga. No single way is best.”

Though its roots are in Hinduism, yoga does not adhere to or promote any particular religion, belief system, country, or community. It is a way of life and no matter your age, faith, gender, belief system, or ethnicity, yoga is meant to be shared.

“In my experience, when it comes to the spiritual side of yoga, everyone finds their own way, in their own time. I’m here to help raise awareness and encourage that spark, that sense of belonging.”

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