Mom, dad and 2 young boys outside stretching in workout clothes

The VEBA Resource Center (VRC) is dedicated to helping all members, and their families, achieve a happy, healthy life. As we emerge slowly from the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some ideas to help families get back into life, inside and outside the home.

In this awesome (and adorable) video, Fitness Instructor Kelly Tiano gives us some ideas for staying “motivated, happy and healthy.”

Kelly demonstrates how to:

Warm Up: Do some mild movements to warm up your limbs and prevent unnecessary injury.

Use Proper Form: Try to make sure you are doing each move in a way that engages your core and protects your back, again, to prevent injury.

Add Teamwork: Partner up with your kids for various exercises. This way, you can motivate each other and emphasize that you’re “all in this together.”

Modify Moves: If one version of an exercise is too difficult or hurts, change it up. For instance, do step outs rather than jumping jacks. (Kelly shows you how).

How about adding some dancing into your day? The VRC YouTube Channel has videos from Dance Professor Melissa Adoa to get you started! Try her Hip Hop for All or Beginner Hip Hop: Top Rock dance-alongs. She reminds us that family exercise can be really fun!

The folks at Verywell Family also suggest games (think jump rope, tag, frisbee, hide-and-seek, and catch) to promote play and togetherness, as well as healthy habits. “Sharing active play with your family isn’t just a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories. It’s also a great way to build family bonds.”

Verywell Family also recommends playing positively. “Don’t fall prey to confidence-zappers like using exercise as punishment, offering food as a reward, or using scare tactics.” Instead, use words to encourage and support.

And remember to stretch after physical activity! After any workout, some light stretching is recommended to help reduce injury and cool down

Good luck on your Family Fitness journey, and as Professor Melissa says, “Let’s keep it moving!”

Here are some additional videos from our VRC coaches: