“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”


A self-described life-long learner, Michael started his career inadvertently. As an athlete who faced many injuries and not being satisfied with traditional healthcare treatment, Michael sought out to learn to treat his own injuries in a conservative manner. His frustrations with the status quo and his experiences learning about the body were the catalyst that ultimately led him to his chiropractic degree. Michael believes in looking at the whole person to provide comprehensive, high quality care and is passionate about the opportunity to change the way healthcare is delivered by creating innovative and holistic solutions.

This passion is what brought Michael to VEBA over 6 years ago. Through his role as Executive Director, Michael provides strategic direction for the team of providers working with Members. Michael understands that each Member needs customized care, centered around the individual and together, with the VEBA Resource Center providers, Michael is always looking at progressive ways of getting positive outcomes for Members in a timely, affordable and effective fashion.

Michael grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Providence College with a political science degree. In 2007, he graduated from New York Chiropractic College with a doctorate in chiropractic. Additionally he holds a masters in leadership studies from the University of San Diego. When he is not at the VRC, you can find him laughing and on an adventure with his family and friends.

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