Senior black woman writing in journal on the couch

As seasons change, new opportunities, as well as challenges, may surface. The more clarity you have about where you are with your personal goals, ambitions and struggles, the better prepared you will be to move forward with confidence. As obstacles and unforeseen roadblocks arise, you can adjust and get back on track to move toward your desired destination. 

One way to help map out your personal journey is to use the GROW Model as explained by VEBA Resource Center’s Director of Coaching, Robert Cappuccio. Somewhat like a compass, the GROW Model will help you set your direction. Developed by Sir John Whitmore and Graham Alexander, this tool has been utilized by individuals and organizations across the world to identify what they want and to establish strategies to attain their goals.

GROW stands for:

  • Goal. Ask yourself what you want to achieve or experience over the next year. Do you want to read more books? Expand your skillset at work? Strengthen relationships with your friends or family? Once you are clear about what you want, examine the reality of that goal.
  • Reality. Consider your goal and ask yourself what in your life is preventing you from achieving it? Do you have any constraints, that if they didn’t exist, would pave the way for you to achieve your most important outcomes this year? Are there people standing in your way?
  • Options. Now that you have your goal in mind and have thought about your reality, brainstorm five strategies to help you overcome the constraints of success or jot down options you believe will help you achieve your desired outcome. Come up with your ideas quickly and without judgement — no idea is a bad idea!
  • Will. Take a specific and measurable action toward your goal. Ask yourself if any of the ideas resonated with you as a possible way forward. You aren’t obligated to use any of them —  you can come up with a different idea. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The momentum you gain from the lessons you learn from an imperfect idea offers far more value than a better, yet unexecuted, one.

Whatever idea you choose, make sure you are specific about what actions you’ll take, when you will take them and how you’ll measure success. 

For more from Robert Cappuccio on overcoming obstacles and creating better habits, check out his videos “You Got This” and “CORE Habits”.