Senior woman meditating by the water

Whenever you start to feel anxious or are experiencing some intense emotions, it’s important to practice ways to stay grounded. Here are 5 tips on how to feel more grounded using our five senses.

When you ground through your senses, you’ll want to consider each one separately:

SIGHT. First, pay attention to 5 things you can SEE in your environment. It can be anything — just look around you and identify five things in your line of sight.

TOUCH. Then, think about 4 things you can FEEL. Maybe it’s the wind in your hair or the sunshine on your skin. Or the pen in your hand or the chair you are sitting on.

HEAR. Next, identify 3 things you can HEAR, like the birds or the traffic.

SMELL. Then, bring to attention 2 things you can SMELL. Maybe it’s brewing coffee or a lit candle. Can you smell the detergent of the shirt you just put on?

TASTE. Finally, pay attention to 1 thing you can taste. Did you just eat breakfast? Or brush your teeth? 

Bringing attention to our five senses can help quiet your mind and keep you grounded. For more ways to nourish your mind-body connection, visit our YouTube channel.