1. Black Man Reading Book at Park

    What’s In and What’s Out When It Comes to Your Health

    July 11, 2024

    Welcome to your ultimate guide on what’s in and what’s out when it […]

  2. Sporty aged woman doing half bridge yoga pose, strengthening her abs muscles, training in living room, copy space

    8 Ways to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor 

    July 8, 2024

    You don’t think twice about working out to keep your arms, legs, abs, […]

  3. Gut flora and digestive tract microorganisms diagnosis tiny person concept

    Do You Feel it in Your Gut? 

    May 21, 2024

    From Sharp Health News, a publication of Sharp HealthCare There’s lots of buzz about […]

  4. Young man with tasty yogurt in kitchen, closeup

    The Surprising Link Between Your Microbiome and Mental Health

    May 17, 2024

    From Optum Your gut has its own ecosystem of microbes that play a […]

  5. Relaxed Black woman resting in a park, eyes closed, head in palm

    How to Quiet the Mind and Calm the Body 

    May 13, 2024

    From Sharp Health News, a publication of Sharp HealthCare  Many of us are […]

  6. African woman wearing a headscarf looking in the mirror

    The Importance of Positive Self-Talk 

    May 9, 2024

    From Sharp Health News, a publication of Sharp HealthCare  The next time you […]

  7. Woman talking to doctor in exam room touching her neck, cancer prevention concept

    The Power of Prevention: Reduce Your Risk for Common Cancers

    April 11, 2024

    The National Cancer Institute estimated that in 2023, roughly 2 million people will […]

  8. Black woman in exercise clothes, leaning against kitchen counter with vegetables and fruits on a cutting board, drinking orange juice

    Making Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Cancer

    April 3, 2024

    According to the World Health Organization, between 30–50% of all cancer cases are […]

  9. Optimistic young lady doc embrace shoulders of laughing old man sitting on chair at clinic office.

    Navigating Hormonal Transitions and Low Testosterone

    March 7, 2024

    Testosterone, the primary sex hormone in males, is known for causing physical changes […]

  10. Woman checking pregnancy test

    Fertility After 35: Your Questions, Answered

    February 29, 2024

    It’s no secret that age affects fertility. As you approach your mid-30s, you […]

  11. Young hispanic woman eating healthy salad at home smiling in love doing heart symbol shape with hands. romantic concept.

    Eating for a Heart Healthier You

    February 15, 2024

    Starting a journey towards heart-healthy eating doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It’s not […]

  12. Black woman, breath and hand on chest, for meditation and wellness being peaceful to relax. Bokeh, African American female and lady outdoor, in nature and being calm for breathing exercise and health

    The Heart-Healing Power of Self-Care

    February 8, 2024

    We all experience stress in one way or another, and while short-term stress […]

  13. Young indian man checking blood pressure at home

    5 Tips for Managing Blood Pressure at Home

    February 1, 2024

    There’s a good reason why every doctor’s appointment starts with a blood pressure […]

  14. Balance, breathing and young woman by plants for zen meditation in a greenery nursery.

    An Act of Gratitude a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

    January 4, 2024

    The dawning of a new year is often when we think about the […]

  15. Middle-aged woman happily discussing with her doctor at medical appointment

    The Importance of Preventive Care

    December 28, 2023

    Typically when you go to the doctor it’s because you’re sick or something […]

  16. Curly red-headed woman sitting in living room chair sipping tea/coffee scrolling on cellphone

    Your New Year Healthcare Checklist

    December 27, 2023

    Prepare for your healthiest year. With Open Enrollment complete and the new year […]

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