Mother having a serious converstaion with her young daughter on the couch

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week runs from May 2-8 this year. And, as you’ll hear in this video, six-year-old Leya has an excellent question: Why is children’s mental health in the spotlight for just one week? Taking care of your mind is a lifelong commitment and the VEBA Resource Center believes it’s never too early to start teaching children tips for a healthy mental state.

In her video, Leya provides five tips for supporting kids as they manage their feelings and learn good mental health habits:

  1. Take Care of YOUR Mental Health: Adults need to take care of their own mental health before they can help kids. Modeling good mental health is key.
  2. Build Trust: Create a safe and secure environment where kids can express themselves and share without fear of reprimand. A good way to build trust is to be consistent. We all do better when we have structure and plans that we can rely on, especially when life is unsettling.
  3. Teach Stress Management: We experience stress of all different kinds throughout life. Learning to better manage these anxious moments will serve us as kids, teens, young adults, and through adulthood. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for breathing, meditating and other stress management videos!
  4. Establish Healthy Habits: Good food, plenty of sleep, and exercise — all the things that sustain healthy adults — are just as important for kids!
  5. Develop Self-Esteem: Through a balance of praise and independence, children begin to set their own boundaries and develop a sense of self.

And, as Leya reminds us, if you see a change in mood for more than two weeks, please contact their doctor.

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