Photo of woman with "My Health Journey Laura Kim"

If you want to see the picture of health and happiness, look at Laura Kim. Her radiant face and beautiful smile show us what happens when we commit to healing our body, mind, and soul.

Like many Americans, Laura’s struggle with food and weight began at a young age when she started sneaking junk food to feed her emotions. Despite remaining physically fit through competitive swimming, her eating habits didn’t change and additional health problems followed.

Add to this the fact that Laura is deaf. Not only did she deal with multiple prejudices, she also faced our challenging healthcare system, set up in a way that advantages hearing people. The Deaf Community, says Laura, tends to have higher cases of obesity and misdiagnoses because of the lack of access to good, thorough health information. This includes interpreters and captioned videos.

Laura hit rock bottom in 2018 after a serious car accident involving her parents. The stress from that accident worsened her eating habits and, eventually, she weighed more than 200 pounds. Laura decided to change her mental and physical relationship to food. She began to see good nutrition and exercise as ways to heal her body. It took time and commitment, and there’s daily work to do, but Laura is “in control and on a positive path.”

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