Female in headphones sits at front of laptop and breathing.

If your days seem to fly by from the time you step out of bed to the moment you lay your head back on the pillow, you may benefit from a mindful minute. This practice, which takes literally one minute, is something you can do to help you reset and refocus, but it is also a practice you can share with your students. Not only will your students feel better but they’ll have more focus and maybe even camaraderie. 

The VEBA Resource Center believes mindful minutes can happen throughout the day. You can start your school day with a mindful minute and then incorporate it into the day whenever you feel like students have drifted. Another idea is to give students some time before a test to take a mindful minute. And, it’s a great way to close the day together.

Here’s how you can incorporate a mindful minute into your classroom:

  1. Ask your students to get into a comfortable, seated position. If you are teaching a class online, encourage your students to find a sitting position in their home near their computers.
  2. Once seated, ask your students to bring awareness to their body and breath by focusing on inhaling and exhaling. Encourage your students to inhale for 5 seconds, hold their breath for 3 and then exhale for 5 seconds. 
  3. After 3 breaths, ask your students to think about 3 things they are grateful for on that day.
  4. Gently bring the students back into session and continue with your lessons and activities for the day.

Being mindful throughout the day, and taking intentional breaks will help you and your classroom. For more ideas on how to guide your classroom through these unprecedented times, visit the VEBA Resource Center YouTube Channel.