Chinese food take out, rice, orange chicken, veggies and noodles

Do you feel stuck ordering from the same take-out menu over and over again? Do you sacrifice taste for the convenience of prepared grocery store items? If you’re ready to spice things up a bit, here are our tips and tricks for leveling-up your takeout and prepared foods at home!

Our Favorite Tip:

One thing we have found helpful for enhancing our food is keeping a bunch of green onions, cilantro, sprouts, and a bag of spinach in our fridge constantly. You can add more flavor and nutrients to any of your take-out items such as soups, burritos, pizza, Thai food, and more. Learn more below on how to add flavor to specific dishes!

Level-Up Delivery Pizza:

  • Top your pizza with cheese and order thin crust if possible.
  • Add sliced onions, mushrooms, peppers, olives, and/or tomatoes to your order.
  • From your fridge at home, you can add thinly sliced basil and fresh spinach after your pizza has been delivered. You can even make a salad to go with your pizza!

Level-Up Soups and Pasta Sauces:

  • When the soup or pasta sauce is still hot, take a handful of spinach and toss it in your bowl. The heat will wilt the spinach, causing it to easily mix in, adding a hint of greens to your meal!

Level-Up Your Favorite Take-Out Orders:

  • When ordering Thai food and noodles, try doubling the vegetables.
  • Half the cheese but double the vegetables on your next delivery pizza.
  • Try your favorite burrito with half the cheese to create a mostly bean filling. Then add fajita vegetables if available.
  • Instead of using mayo, try using fiber-rich hummus and/or avocado as a spread on your next sandwich. Don’t forget extra delicious vegetables.
  • Mix a handful of seeds or nuts, olives, and/or avocado into your next salad.

Leveling-up your favorite takeout and prepared food orders is as easy as that. The next time you are wanting to spice up your daily meals, use some of these tips and tricks!