Woman looking through her closet

A new year is the perfect time to reset and create new goals. Some people vow to lose weight, eat better or get financially fit. Others focus on work, family or travel goals. Getting organized is one goal that usually makes it into the top 10 list of resolutions that can actually help you achieve other goals. Here are some reasons why getting and staying organized can help your overall well-being.

You Will Save Time. If you counted up all of the minutes in a day per year you spend looking for your keys, purse or sunglasses, you just might be surprised. According to a Lost and Found study done by Pixie, Americans spend, when added up, a total of 2.5 days a year looking for their stuff! Imagine what you could do with that extra time. If you basically had a spot for everything you owned, a spot that you would remember because it would be in an intuitive place, you could spend less time looking and more time doing — like working out, meal prepping or even traveling!

You Will Be Healthier. One of the first steps of getting organized is to get rid of clutter. Focus on keeping only the things that spark joy. Then, try to find a place for everything. Eliminating clutter helps eliminate dust which helps you breathe easier. Being organized isn’t just about putting stuff away, it’s also about creating plans, managing your time and not over-scheduling yourself. For example, if you take the time each week to meal plan, you are more likely to eat healthier which may support your goal of working out, getting fit or losing weight.  

You Will Be Less Stressed. When you have less clutter and everything has a place, you are less likely to be running around before you leave the house looking for your keys, hat, enter-said-item here. No clutter allows your mental capacity to grow. Instead of looking around at all of the stuff, what you need to put away or get rid of, your mind is able to focus more easily on the task at hand. 

You Will Create Confidence. It’s nerve-racking when you know where an item is just to find that it is not where you swore you put it. It’s a knock on your mental confidence. When you know where items are, you will not only save time but you’ll also save your sanity. You’ll feel good knowing where everything is stored, and confident the next time you say, “OH, I know where that is!” This new-found confidence may be just what you need to keep your new year’s resolution of starting a new hobby or joining a gym.

Just like with any new resolution or goal, be sure to take it start small and take it slow. Start with simply putting your keys in the same spot every time you come home. Then, move on to bigger projects like cleaning out your closet. Before you know it, you’ll have your entire home decluttered and organized!