Welcome AFT members, we’re the VEBA Resource Center (VRC for short) and we’re excited to meet you! The VRC was launched by California Schools VEBA and is designed to be a FREE tool for VEBA members to overcome obstacles and become the best versions of themselves. We provide a wide range of classes, programs, services, and events and partner with you to develop a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle. And the best part is, as a VEBA member, it’s all FREE to you!

Not familiar with the VEBA Resource Center website? Watch the video below for a walk-through. You can also schedule a personalized VRC tour! VRC Tours are done through Zoom or in person. If appointment is virtual, please make sure you have a Zoom account set up prior to your scheduled tour time. In person tours will walk you through our new building at 5520 Ruffin Road. We offer live online classes for fitness, cooking, yoga, mindfulness and more! Plus, hundreds of healthy recipes and on-demand videos to help you reduce stress, get moving, and live your best life! Start exploring today!

VRC Resources

Have Additional Questions?

Contact VEBA Advocacy here or call 888-276-0250.