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This page was last updated on December 3, 2021:

California Schools VEBA is committed to the health and safety of our community and we are dedicated to providing you with useful, up-to-date information pertaining to vaccine sites, news, and community resources. The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all Californians age 12 or over. The State of California has officially reopened, which means most COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

COVID-19 Update:

  • Public Health Emergency Period Extends COVID-19 Testing Cost Share Waiver.
  • Health & Human Services extends PHE through Jan. 15, 2022.
  • Health & Human Services (HHS) extended the federal public health emergency (PHE) period through Jan. 15.
  • Children ages 5 years and older to are now eligible for the COVID19 vaccination. 
  • Pfizer is the only vaccine being used at this time.
  • Check with your child’s healthcare provider about whether they offer COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Check your local pharmacy’s website to see if vaccination walk-ins or appointments are available for children.

Education Employees Now Eligible for Booster Shot:

Who is eligible for the booster shot?

  • You work in education, in healthcare, and are a grocery store worker.
  • You are 65 or older.
  • You have a medical condition that puts you at high risk of severe illness with COVID-19. These conditions include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease and others.
  • Age 18+ who live in long-term care settings.
  • Age 18+ who have underlying medical conditions.
  • Age 18+ who work or live in high-risk settings. 

Where can I get the booster shot?

  • All providers throughout California, including pharmacists at your local retailer, pharmacy or your health system have been given the green light from the state public health department. The booster shot is now available everywhere. 
  • At this time, VEBA is not offering Booster Shots through VEBA Vaccinates.
  • You can receive the Pfizer or Moderna booster shot 6 months AFTER your second vaccine shot.
  • You can receive the Johnson & Johnson booster shot 2 months AFTER your vaccine shot.

Testing is available through the County of San Diego, at no cost, and a medical referral is not required. If you as an individual are looking for testing, you should call 211, or visit the County’s testing website to schedule an appointment. The test results take from 24 to 72 hours to appear, but are most often available within 24 hours.

Questions about testing? We’re here to help!

Call VEBA Advocacy at 888.276.0250 

COVID-19 Related Resources

Fine is Not a Feeling: Back to School in a Post-COVID World

How are you? Maybe you are not actually fine. Mental Behavioral Health Director, Carletta Vicain, explored how tapping into our emotions can help navigate the transition back to school.

Carletta Vicain, is a License Marriage and Family Therapist and graduate of USD. For the past 20 years she has provided social science and mental health based services to the U.S. military and non profit communities.

Headshot of Shane Crotty from the La Jolla Institute of Immunology

2021 Update on COVID-19 with Dr. Shane Crotty

Confused about where we are with COVID-19? Learn the latest on booster shots, variants and status of herd immunity in this webinar. Special guest Shane Crotty, Ph.D., from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, led us through an update and answered live questions.

Dr. Crotty is a professor at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research. COVID-19 research done at his lab has informed vaccine efforts worldwide.

Headshot of Shane Crotty from the La Jolla Institute of Immunology

Vaccine Updates and Living in the “Post COVID-19 World”

Still have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Or wondering what to expect in a post COVID-19 environment? Dr. Shane Crotty from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology provided an update on where we are with the vaccine. He explained the benefits of getting vaccinated, what to do after being vaccinated, variants and booster shots.

Dr. Crotty is a professor at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research. COVID-19 research done at his lab has informed vaccine efforts worldwide.

State of California
COVID-19 Information Hotline

Call: 833-422-4255
M–F 8 am–8 pm | Sa–Su 8 am–5 pm

This hotline is available in several languages and is a live answer service.

Where to Get Vaccinated

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