Teacher getting COVID-19 vaccine

Some links on this page may no longer be available now that the VEBA Vaccinates program is closed.

In less than three weeks, the VEBA Vaccinates program provided thousands of vaccinations for San Diego County educators. California Schools VEBA rolled out its program the moment San Diego County announced on February 27 the opening of Phase 1B-Tier 1, which included education workers. VEBA’s partnership with Sharp HealthCare and UC San Diego Health provides the protection and peace of mind that educators need.

“Today, I got my shot for my kids at my school, my family, and most of all for myself, just to know that I will not be infected or infecting others. So it’s a big thing.”

Natasha Benally is an on-site teacher at Cabrillo Elementary in Point Loma. Since November, she’s been teaching a small group of students in the classroom – and many more online. It’s been tough managing her classroom as well as her three school-aged kids without the protection of a vaccine.

“I was afraid that I was going to get COVID or spread COVID if I got it. So it’s been very, very tough. But today, finally coming in, getting vaccinated, I feel a little better, more at ease. So, I am just so relieved.”

The VEBA Vaccinates program provided Ms. Benally with the latest information about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. And Ms. Benally’s students trusted her to get the vaccine.

“You know, my kids asked me every day at school, ‘Are you going to get vaccinated? Have you gotten vaccinated?’ They actually asked me that question. And I’m like, ‘No, I haven’t.’ And today when I told them I was (getting vaccinated), they were all excited. They’re like, “Are all of our other teachers going to get vaccinated?’ I’m like, ‘They should.’”

Ms. Benally encourages her fellow educators to follow her lead and sign up for a vaccination through the VEBA Portal. It’s easy to do and VEBA provides a step-by-step instructional video to guide members through the registration process.

“Thank you Sharp and VEBA for arranging everything here, getting the COVID shot and getting teachers back into the classroom and the kids happy once again. Seeing the kids that we do have inside, they were so ecstatic, so excited to be back. To see other kids actually play on the play structure as a group was like the world to them. They loved it.”

  • If you are a TK-12 education employee in San Diego County, sign up for the vaccine by visiting the VEBA Portal.
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