Cinnamon sticks tied together in a bunch

As the weather becomes cooler, it is helpful to transition your diet to incorporate certain spices that support circulation, digestion and overall well-being. VEBA Resource Center’s Holistic Practitioner, Dr. V, explains four spices to incorporate into our food and tea during the Fall season.

Ginger – In small amounts, ginger can be used regularly to tonify and strengthen digestion.  Large amounts of ginger, whether as tea or in food, can induce sweating to help move out a cold.

Nutmeg and Cloves – Not only are these spices delicious but they can strengthen the digestive system, and keep the body warm. Add these spices to vegetable stews, coffee or baked goods to reap the benefits this fall.

Cinnamon – A super spice, cinnamon has antioxidant, antidiabetic and antibacterial properties. Feeling a cold coming on?  Add cinnamon and nutmeg to a little black coffee or a pumpkin latte, go for a walk, and then sweat it out.

Pumpkin Spice – Create your own pumpkin spice this fall by combining ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon together. This combination of sweet, hot, and pungent will liven your tea, coffee and baked goods. 

Be sure to use these spices in moderation, as too much may cause you to overheat.  But when used in balance, they disperse toxins from the body and to circulate our metabolism, blood and fluids. They also help relieve excess fullness and stimulate vitality. 

Watch our “Fall Spices” video on YouTube and check out our Fall Wellness Series for more tips on boosting your overall health this season.